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What is Peak 301 by Fresh Roof

Peak 301 New Roof No Way !

                                                                                     Don't Replace Refresh!

 We start with  a non-toxic, eco-friendly, plant and pet safe Roof Cleaning that delivers remarkable Same Day Results. Next we apply  Peak 301 a patented soy-based eco-friendly solution, which restores the life of asphalt shingles that have deteriorated over time. Every shingle gets strengthened to the core, molecule by molecule, to continue the battle against Mother Nature.  Simply, it repairs the structural integrity of asphalt shingles making it the perfect alternative to costly replacement.





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            Fresh Roof & Peak 301, leaders of the asphalt shingle rejuvenation industry.

Developed by researchers at Iowa State University and supported by

Invigorate,  Colorbiotics & MBCC Group 



                                                    New Roof ? No Way !


                                               Better Roof Longevity 



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